Boston Calendar: April


Your month in film.


Norton Lectures: Wim Wenders / April 2, April 9 / Sanders Theatre, 45 Quincy Street

Wenders gives two of the season’s Norton lectures.

Women at the Helm: Female Directors / April 5 / Coolidge Corner Theatre

Start of a six week class on female directors in Hollywood.

Festivals and Series

Wicked Queer 2018 (cont.) / April 1 – 8 / Various.

The 34th annual Boston LGBT Film Festival continues with screenings at the Brattle Theatre, MFA, and Paramount Center – and closing night at the ICA.

Boston Turkish Film Festival (cont.) / April 1 – 8 / MFA

More selections at the MFA from the 17th edition of the Boston Turkish Film Festival.

Hong Sangsoo Series (cont.) / DCP / April 1 – 14 / Harvard Film Archive

The series focuses on seven of Hong Sangsoo’s recent films, released 2013 – 2017. Sangsoo’s latest, Claire’s Camera, opens in Boston on April 13.

Wim Wenders Retrospective (cont.) / DCP / April 6 – 29 / Harvard Film Archive

April’s continuation of the HFA’s Wenders retro brings The State of Things, Wings of Desire, Notebook on Cities and Clothes, Buena Vista Social Club, The Salt of the Earth, A Trick of the Light – and the iconic Paris, Texas (April 7, pictured) featuring the late Harry Dean Stanton. Wenders will attend in person on the 7th and 8th – the full series concludes in May.

German Films 1945-1957 / 35mm, DCP / April 20 – 23 / Harvard Film Archive

“Shattered identity” – mostly screening on 35mm (four of the five).


Speedy (1928) / April 5 / Coolidge Corner Theatre

Harold Lloyd stars. Live piano accompaniment.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) / April 6, April 7 / Coolidge Corner Theatre

Painterly explosions. Original version screens 4/6, the Black and Chrome Cut on 4/7.

Tokyo Story (1953) / April 9 / Coolidge Corner Theatre

“Life is so disappointing, isn’t it?” “Yes, it is.”

Daughters of the Dust (1991) / Digital / April 13 / MFA

Julie Dash’s 1991 landmark of African-American cinema screens at the MFA.

Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974) / 35mm / April 14 / Coolidge Corner Theatre

Last of the Hammer Horrors.

24 Frames (2017) / Digital / April 14 – 27 / MFA

Abbas Kiarostami’s final film.

Strano Film Festival Shorts / April 15 / Coolidge Corner Theatre

Three experimental shorts from the Strano Film Festival (Abruzzo, Italy). Theme of “the land.”

The Beguiled (1971, 2017) / 35mm, DCP / April 15, April 16 / Harvard Film Archive

Coppola in person for the April 16 screening.

Best F(r)iends (2017) / April 20 / Coolidge Corner Theatre

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero of midnight cult staple The Room reunite on screen. Sestero in person.


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